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5 Home Styling Tips to Make Your Compact Space Christmas Ready

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christmas home styling tips

Merry Christmas Guys!

Christmas, like most Indian festivals has a special place in our lives. There are lights and decoration, as well as parties happening everywhere. For those of you planning house parties in your studio and 1 BHK apartments here are some home styling tips by Keys90 that will help you make enough party room in your house.

Take these notes because you surely need them:

1. De-clutter your home: The biggest problem with small homes is the space constraint, which is in most cases followed by over occupied room. Before the festivities begin make sure to de-clutter your home and keep aside the things you do not need.

2. Keep just one area for X’mas decorations: It is suggested that instead of spreading your decoration in every corner of the room, keep it restricted to just one corner. This will give you enough space in the room for the decor as well as other furniture.

3. Arrange your furniture in a coordinated manner: The furniture in your 1BHK apartment or studio should be arranged in a coordinated manner to finally give enough space for your party. It is important to consider the space of each furniture item to be able to decide its place in your room.

4. Take care of the lights: The mistake that most people do is not properly considering the lighting within the house. Make sure to do that in order to prepare your home for the festival. To make it a little pleasing you can add extra lights in various colors to the section where the decorations have been done.

5. Christmas themed wall decor: Another very important point to note is to prepare a Christmas themed wall decor; introduce the color red and white in the wall decorations to make your home party ready.

Make sure to note these points and work accordingly this Christmas.

Happy Homes!!!

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