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Based on Earning Where to Make the Real Estate Investment?

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An investment for the future is the primary concern for someone who lies in the middle-income group because the scenarios of income and expenses keep changing. Considering the varied options for investment real estate has been considered to be the best because it pays in the longer run – the prices of properties increase year after year.

However, what still remains a matter of confusion is the one perfect choice from the list of options available for best real estate investments. The question that has remained constant is Where to make an investment in property based on the income?” And, here are the possible answers to the middle-income groups.

  • Affordable and Economic Flats: Studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 2 BHK with servant room/study room, and in some locations even 3 BHK affordable and economic apartments are given the top priority when property investment advice is given. On the basis of residential space, furnishings, and locations, you’ve got plenty of options lined up for the purpose of investment.


  • Plots: Empty barren plots are another form of real estate investment that is but considered to be a great option considering the demand for the land that continues to increase. Whether it’s an empty piece of property in the outskirts of the city or right in the center of it, or close to the highways, plots will always remain a great investment.
  • Commercial Properties: Buying an investment property that is fit for commercial use is another way of making an investment in the real estate sector. Commercial properties including shops, basements, and in a few locations even showrooms do the benefit. In the longer run you can rent out these properties if they’re not being used by you, or you can give them on lease or completely sell them off for a greater value.
  • Independent House or Villas: Independent houses always remain a great option for property investment because they’re ready to move houses that prove to be of greater return value over a period of time. Say if you’re buying an independent house for 12 Lac you can hope of selling it for 15 over a year because the property price is definite to increase. Also, if you’re willing to keep it you can use it as your side house, available during parties and functions.

Where to invest in property is always a constant question but these options available above are the most convenient for you. Whether you’re in the MIG-I group or the MIG-II group, these are the most suitable options for you without an exception.

So, where are you making your first real estate investment?

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