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How to Assess a Real Estate Developer? Your Guide in 5 Steps

November 03, 2017
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Handling property matters can be really tough especially if you’re required to do them on your own. There’s a lot involved in the entire thing – from choosing a property or flat, to managing the cost, rent, documents, moving in and out, etc. there is so much to do and some help is always welcome. However, choosing just any person can prove to be the most foolish decision of your life and all you need is a trusted real estate developer who you can be sure about.

Here is the five step guide to assess the credibility of the real estate developer that you can follow to be sure you’re making the right decision.


  • Reputation and Track Record:
    One thing that surely decides on whether you’re joining hands with a trusted real estate builder is his reputation in the market. For those of you wondering how to find out about the developer’s reputation in this massive real estate market here’s a simple thing to do – wait, check and decide. Never be in a hurry to finalize the deal; understand the cost, the payback and the terms of purchase. Wait for a comfortable period of time before you can finally decide about the reputation and the track record of the developer.
  • Market Credibility:
    This is another important thing that should never be ignored. Get to know about the real estate developer’s market value by being associated with him for a handsome time period. Get to know the previous customers that they’ve worked with and if possible get in touch with some of the customers to get complete and true information.


  • Inventory at Hand:
    Builder evaluation isn’t all about getting the information about the builder; rather it is about knowing the details of his work and his present day association with the previous customers. Get a good level of information about the inventory that he is currently handling as this will give you considerable idea about the quality of his work.


  • Government Approvals:
    Understand the fact that the government just doesn’t approve of any other real estate developer; each developer needs to have a considerable amount of experience in the field and should have developed projects that match and fall under government’s real estate development guidelines. Make sure to know about the government approvals if any and choose accordingly.
  • Consumer Complaints:
    Evaluating the credibility of the real estate developer also includes understanding the consumer complaints against him if any. Get to know what the developer has not been able to manage and talk to him in case you have any questions to ask.

It is an extremely important thing to have complete information about the real estate builder as well as the project history to be sure you’re making your investment in the right place and that you’re trusting the right person for all the real estate work.
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