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Top Five Locations for PG in Gurgaon

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top five locations for pg in gurgaon

One of North India’s rapidly developing city’s in terms of education and occupation is Gurgaon. There are plentiful options for the students and middle age workers here; however, what seems to be a problem is the lack of enough residential space for all. The demand versus supply ratio is low and constantly witnessing a dip considering the number of people constantly migrating there but not looking willing to but flats there.

In this case, the smartest option is to choose a PG accommodation in Gurgaon because this is a safe option to spend a lesser amount and getting all the amenities of the need. Also, a PG is the best choice you’ll always have someone in a city that you have no idea about.

Are you ready to enjoy some PG life in Gurgaon? Here are 5 locations for best PGs here:

  1. Sector 45: For those of you looking for low budget paying guest residencies, it’ll excite you to know that there are best PG accommodations in Sector 45, Gurgaon. Available for girls, boys and even working professionals the cost of PGs starts from a minimum cost of Rs. 4700 and can goes up to Rs. 7000+, the cost depends on the number of amenities provided, the occupancy of the room that you have chosen as well as the services provided there. Also, considering the safety perspective Sector 45 is one of the most equipped locations of Gurgaon ranked well on the basis of the transportation and facilities available here.
  2. Sector 46: Another major sector of Gurgaon that holds the reputation for best PG residencies is Sector 46. The PGs available here are available for girls, boys and professionals on a single, double or triple sharing basis. Considered best for its PG costs and facilities around the PGs here start from a range of Rs. Rs. 5,000 to Rs 12,000, an absolutely affordable amount for the versatile range of amenities provided top you.
  3. Sector 31: The nearest sector to most of city’s renowned malls, markets and coaching centres, the PG rent sector 31 Gurgaon starts from an amount as minimum as 5000 and may go up to as much as 8000+. Compared to most locations of the city Sector 31 is considered to be the best in terms of the facilities for students and professionals. A range is available for boys and girls, and working professionals also have a few options to choose from.
  4. MG Road: Considered fourth on the list of the 5 top locations for paying guest residencies in Gurgaon, this is a safe and suitable for women and men and has the best options for all to choose from. The starting price of the best PGs in Gurgaon MG Road start from Rs. 4500 and it may go up to Rs. 10000; you however have an option to decide the facilities and amenities that you will be using based on which the rent can be adjusted.
  5. DLF Phase 3: Ranked number 5 is DLF Phase 3 and here are the city’s most acclaimed PGs in terms of the facilities available. However, the cost of the PGs here is a comparatively higher than other locations within the city. Considered best for the PGs for men, women and professionals these PGs are available with all the necessary amenities. You can rent a PG in DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon based on your requirements and budget because there is a huge range available for you to choose from.

Still looking for more options of suitable PGs in Gurgaon? Visit the website and choose the best for you.

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