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Vastu Tips to Consider When Coloring Your Home

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First things first – Dull and boring colors never impressed anyone!

Having said that, the one thing that is predominantly clear is the color selection for your apartment/house, and remember you have absolutely no chance to go wrong with it.

Also, if you’re someone who believes in Vastu Shastra like most people and wouldn’t like to just choose colors randomly then here’s the guide by Keys90 to help you choose the right colors.

The Exterior

Keep the exterior subtle and calm; heavy and bright colors aren’t appreciated for the exterior. Vastu suggests the color of the exterior should be selected on the basis of the Zodiac of the owner but colors like off-white, yellowish-white, orange or light mauve will suit to all.

Living Room

The living room should be pleasing to the eye and welcoming; warmer shades can be used here. Vastu colors for living room could possibly be yellow, tan, beige, blue and green. Most of the Indian homes that have been colored as per Vastu have these colors in particular.

Dining Room

The colors in the dining area should be the ones that can relax your body and mind, as well as sparkle your relationship with the family. Blue, green and pink colors are for the dining room where we all gather for family meals and entertainment; these are pleasant and accepted by all.

Study Room

Keep it study room calm; heavy colors like red and orange should be avoided because these can be too bright. However, if you’re of the belief that the study room looks boring a subtle red can be good to add vibrancy. A peaceful environment can be added here with lighter shades of purple or jungle green – these colors increase concentration.

Couple Bedroom

Colour it pink to bring more romance in your life. If you don’t like pink then light blue and light green is also a good choice. You can choose shades depening on how you like to make it; a somewhat greener color is also accepted. Avoid using a gray, black or blue here.

Children’s Bedroom

Keep it smooth and calm; children already have a tendency to be naughty and vibrant; therefore, colors in red aren’t cool enough for their room. Rather, you should pick something in blue and tango it with green.

If you’re wondering why you should pick colors for your house based on Vastu then here is why –

Colors have the supremacy to inspire our behavior, create illusions or simply set an atmosphere for a house. For centuries, Vastu colors for homes have been used by mystics to create beautiful and healthy homes which rouse abundance and prosperity. The following colors are believed to be extremely auspicious for a house.

This color selection tip based on Vastu should be of great help for a lot many people and you have a lot of time to choose from the colors that best suit your interest and passion.

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